What types of Ugly are there? Learn about them all here.

Alex's Ugly Sauce comes to you in 4 different blends, all natural and all delicious.

First, we developed a truly special base of beets, honey, onions and garlic to give all of our sauces real taste and flavor. Then, we added a whole bunch of hot peppers to give the sauce its distinctive heat, and varied the types of peppers we used in the sauces to control the heat level for each variety.

Alex's Ugly Sauce proudly uses only Massachusetts-grown hot peppers from Stillman's Farm in our sauces.

Once you figure out which Alex's Ugly Sauce blends you want, check out our store list to see where you can pick some up. If you are not near any of our retail locations, you can use our online order page to have us send you some.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Anaheim icon
Heat Level: 1/10 - Just a hint of heat.

Made as a collaborative effort with Alex's older daughter to create a sauce that she could use, our Anaheim sauce has the slightest heat and a whole lot of flavor. Use it as the base of a marinade, or add it right to the pan as you are cooking to intesify the flavor of the sauce while removing almost all of the heat. The perfect addition to any meal.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Jalapeno icon
Heat Level: 3/10 - Just a hint of heat.

It's not always about adding a lot of heat. Sometimes you just want a sauce that truly tastes good and uses just a hint of heat to open up the flavors of your foods. Add it to sauteed veggies, salad dressing or cole slaw to bringten up the dishes without bringing the burn, or put it everything you eat for breakfast to start your day in a special way.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Cayano icon
Heat Level: 5/10 - Burns a little bit.

Sometimes you want to add just a gentle kick to your food, and Alex's Ugly Sauce Cayano delivers exactly that. We use a blend of Cayenne and Serrano peppers to give you a super-flavorful sauce with a subtler heat than our Original. Add our Cayano sauce to soups, stews or other sauces, or use it as a marinade on its own. Try our Alex's Ugly Sauce Cayano and see what happens when you keep all the flavor and give it just a bit of heat.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Original icon
Heat Level: 7/10 - Burns real good!

This is the one that started all the madness! We blend Habanero, Cayenne and Serrano peppers to give Alex's Ugly Sauce Original a complex, whole-mouth heat to go with its awesome flavor. It took 4 years to come up with this unique combination of heat and flavor, and it is without a doubt our signature offering. Bring a bottle into your home, and see what all the fuss is about.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Dragon icon
DRAGON - our limited edition sauce
Heat Level: 7/10 - Now that's a special burn!

Dragons are tricky things to handle, as you undoubtedly know if you've ever tried to wrangle one. We managed to get our hands on a bunch, though, and the result is Alex's Ugly Sauce Dragon blend! Our Dragon sauce uses a combination of Thai Dragon and Habanero peppers to create a distinctive bright, fruity heat with a sweet finish. As is the case with all mystical creatures, there are never enough to go around, and so we can only make a limited number of bottles each year, so make sure to grab hold of them when you see them.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Habanero icon
Heat Level: 8.5/10 - Burns a whole lot!

So you want it hotter? How about if we used only Habanero peppers in the sauce? Well, that's what we did with Alex's Ugly Sauce Habanero, and the result is certainly impressive. We kept all the flavor you expect from our sauces, with a whole new level of heat to make you sweat. Give our Habanero sauce a try, and add some serious heat to your meal without sacrificing taste.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Ghost icon
Heat Level: 11/10 - Burns sooo much!

Burns and burns and burns! Oh, and then it lingers for a while and burns some more. We took the eye-popping heat of Ghost peppers, and added just enough Habanero and Cayenne to fill out the heat profile and add a bit of complexity. You've never had a sauce this hot that actually still tastes good, and we can't make that much of it, so grab one while you can - if you dare.

Alex's Ugly Sauce Screaper icon
Heat Level: + 1/10 - Burns TOO much.

Scorions, reapers and ghosts, oh my!! What more is there to say about the sauce? We took the three hottest peppers you can grow locally and combined them into this monster to make a super-hot sauce that actually still tastes good! Try a Screaper today and see what all the fuss is about. This may not be the worst thing you do to yourself today, but it will be close!

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