Because you deserve to eat good food!

Small-batch hot sauce made from the best ingredients available

    The microbatches are here! Take a look at all of the new sauces we have to offer on our microbatches page to find something new to try.

    Also, we have updated our online ordering to allow you more easily build your own custom custom 3-pack box, or to choose from one of our most popular combinations.

You carefully select and prepare the foods you eat and serve to your friends and family; shouldn't the hot sauce you put on your table be made with the same care and attention? I think so, and that's why I created Alex's Ugly Sauce.

Alex's Ugly Sauce is the artisanal hot sauce you've been looking for! I use only the best all-natural ingredients available to create a unique combination of flavor and heat that adds a kick to your favorite dishes and complements their flavors without overwhelming them. Conscientiously Grown® produce from Stillman's Farm, honey from bees allowed to flourish in secluded areas of Massachusetts away from commercial developments, and carefully selected salt and spices - these all give Alex's Ugly Sauce its distinctive flavor and multi-faceted burn that will make you wonder what you ever saw in those other hot sauces.

When did hot sauce become a test of machismo to see how much pain you can endure, or simply an afterthought used to top every meal? Of course you can put hot sauce on everything (I recommend it, in fact!), but you should also feel good about which hot sauce you choose to add. Try Alex's Ugly Sauce on your next meal and see how good it feels (and tastes) to get Ugly!

You deserve to eat good food; you deserve Alex's Ugly Sauce!

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