Check out our new products! Our Bloody Mary mix and our dried pepper blends are available at our Farmers' Markets.


Bloody Mary Mix

A better version of the classic Bloody Mary mix using tomatoes grown by Massachusetts farms, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce made in Brockton, horseradish produced in Watertown, and of course Alex's Ugly Sauce, made right here in Boston using Massachusetts grown peppers and New England honey. Tasty enough to drink straight, and an amazing cocktail when combined with the adult additive of your choice!

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Pepper Shakers

Nothing but the peppers!  We took the same Massachusetts grown peppers we use for Alex's Ugly Sauce, dried them in-house and ground them ourselves to bring you the heat, the whole heat, and nothing but the heat.

Available in: Jalapeno, Original, Dragon, Habanero, and Ghost.

Pepper Salts

Massachusetts grown peppers and sun-evaporated sea salt and that's it! The same amazing peppers we use in Alex's Ugly Sauce, ground super-fine and mixed with just the right amount of salt to bring a truly unique addition to your table.

Available in: Jalapeno, Original, Dragon, Habanero, and Ghost.